Strange Friends — But It May Work

The information that Israel is having talks with Saudi Arabia to use Saudi airspace for an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities MAY be a means to put a rod in Obama’s spine, but I expect that it may eventually be used.

Israel reportedly lacks refueling capability, but taking off and landing from Saudi soil would be a piece of cake, and the Israeli jets could reach Saudi soil over a tributary of the Red Sea. Saudi’s have always are said to be ready for airspace use, but it appears the old enemies are engaging in closer cooperation for an attack on a common enemy, Iran..

The other problem is bombs capable of deep penetration, and there is a question if Israel has that capability. Their scientific and manufacturing capabilities are superior, so they may not need our help — perhaps they already have it, or perhaps they don’t need it.

Worst case scenario is that Israel uses THEIR nuclear weapons. THAT would certainly put a period on the subject, at the risk of Israel’s international reputation.

Given the risk of an Iranian nuclear weapon, I doubt that they, either Israel or the Saudis care about reputation.

Few actually know. Israel is not going to let Iran have, or even get near a nuclear weapon. Only Obama/Kerry can use less than lethal means like sanctions, but my confidence I them is nil.

I suspect that STUXNET virus cooperation was the most that Obama will do something that does not have his fingerprints.

I hope I am wrong. I hope that we have Israels and the Saudis back. It might be what is necessary to take attention off Obamacare.

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