I Really Think It is DNA

Gwen Ifill of PBS said, correctly, this morning on ABC This Week (Last Week), “The president last week said, ‘We know what’s best for you, we just don’t know how to do it.”‘

I disagree with the first part of the equation. No one, particularly government, can, or does know what is best for us.

When you drive the freeway, note how few cars are exactly like yours, make, model, color, year, the ask yourself if the government required three make/model/year/color choices, if you would be happy?

Before I did a media trip to Russia just before Perestroika was announced to the Russian people, I met with a Russian lawyer visiting Rancho Bernardo who told me of his impressions of America, “you have too many choices in grocery store, too confusing. One brand of cereal is all needed. And you have too many cars. Walking is best for you.”

Of course that’s making a virtue of necessity, but later the next year a wonderful Ph.D Russian woman (Irena) who had married a friend arrived, and soon brought her mother for a visit. Her mother was stunned with the Von’s in RB, and accused her daughter of taking her to a staged store. Irena had to drive and tell her mother to “pick a store and we will stop.”

(While the people had no choices in Russia, the Nomenclature — Government officials — had plenty of choices in stores just for them and tourists. In Leningrad I was stopped by a beautiful, 21 year old woman who offered to spend the weekend with me if I would take HER money and buy her a mink coat in a store she could not enter.)

Statists always believe we have too many choices. Three health insurance plans, get everyone we can out of their individual cars and into “mass transportation,” and we need more apartments and fewer individual homes…

It’s for your own good.

Statists by any other name still stink. (With apologies to Juliet in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet)

I guess I understand the problem, I just dont understand the solution.

I take the free market view of the most good for the most people, while they take the socialist view of equality at the best level attainable so long as it is equal.

Socialism always settles for equality at the common denominator, while my side seeks excellence, recognizing that all men are not created equal (except in Court.)

It is a basic philosophical difference. My side recognizes winners and losers, their side wants trophy a for everyone who competes.

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