Spectacular Game — But Strange!

A college game played Friday night featured a really strange play in a really strange game — a coach told his players to let the opponents score.

Navy was leading by a single point over San Jose State with just over two minutes to go when the San Jose Coach told his team to let Navy score — which they did, giving Navy an eight point lead.

It also gave San Jose State the time to drive down the field, score, and tie up the game with a two-point play, with no seconds on the clock.

Which they did, throwing the game into overtime. Actually THREE overtimes.

The Navy Quarterback, Keenan Reynolds KNOWS that he should NOT have scored that touchdown. He should have taken a knee at the one yard line, then run out the clock, with Navy winning by one point. The natural reaction of every player is to score.

Reynolds redeemed himself, much later.

You probably did not see the thrilling football game between Navy and San Jose State, but it was a record breaker in many ways.

The short story is that Navy won in Triple Overtime!

The San Jose State Quarterback was spectacular ā€“ he completed 42 out of 56 passes for 440 years, and San Jose scored 52 points ā€“ in a LOSS!

The Navy Quarterback (a Sophomore!) carried the ball for 240 yards, personally, and scored SEVEN touchdowns!

Basically, it was a shootout ā€“ Navy could not stop the San Jose passing attack and San Jose could not stop the Navy rushing attack.

The Chargers had a similar game, with the lead changing hands many times.

Great games to watch!

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