Escondido Is Hitting Above Its Weight

John Paul the Great Catholic University, a brand new addition to Downtown Escondido — so new that there is no signage and you might not know it is there —  may be the salvation of the poorly thought out California Center for the Arts.

The Center for the Arts was, like the Czars, a mistaken attempt to buy class — something that is not for sale — but the new Catholic university may finally be both the user of that facility and the provider of much of it artistic product. The University said Escondido looked like a college town without a college — it is doing a LOT to rectify that!

Timing is everything.

The city was guilty of overreaching with the Center — a sin for which all politicians are guilty, but time and the fortuitous addition of the University may yet rescue the city.

The city is more blue collar than its airs, but it was once no-collar, so blue collar is a step up, and the fact that it aspires for more is commendable. The metaphors for the city is Swami’s restaurant — once 150 Grand, a fine white-tablecloth restaurant, now a noisy but solid middle-class eatery.

When the fabulous Lexus dealership arrived it aspired to host a fine white tablecloth restaurant, in keeping with the quality of its impressive building and superb automobiles. That idea failed, it negotiated a level below with Ruth Chris Steakhouse, and finally settled with Ventana’s — hardly exclusive, since the Cohn Group owns nearly 20 San Diego eateries. I describe Ventana’s as good normal food with French names and triple prices. (Good, but not great.)

Still, the Prime Rib French Dip is superb — overpriced a bit, but still excellent,

Overreaching is not limited to government.

Escondido is hitting above its weight — and at least training and aspiring for something more and better.  It was a long time getting here, and will be still longer getting to their goal, but at least they have one.

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