It’s The Paycheck, Stupid!

The mid-term elections will be decided by Independents. Whether Independents remember the president’s, ahhh….”dissembling” is another question.

I suspect that the mid-term elections will be decided by Democrats and Independents who see the numbers they have to pay, and the deductibles they will endure in Obamacare.

Republicans react viscerally to THEIR president lying, as in Bush One’s “Read my lips…” but Democrats have a LOT more tolerance for lies by their presidents (as in “I NEVER had sex with that woman…” That is simply a cultural difference.

Independents don’t much care about either political party, but they understand their pocketbooks — and the continuing drip, drip, drip of bad news on Obamacare — which WILL continue unabated, may actually be determinate. Those few with pre-existing conditions or who can predict future psychological problems may cheer Obamacare, but the wide-eyed families faced with significantly higher premiums and higher deductibles will easily outnumber those gaining benefits.

Someone must pay for millions of new insured, and insured for new benefits. TANSTAAFL is a universal economic law that is immune to politics.

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