A Hostility to Science? Not Really.

The local newspaper, the U-T (once the San Diego Union Tribune) has a Commentary regarding the Hostility to Science presumably because people still question AGW Anthropological Global Warming.

That the earth is warming is unquestionable and it has been since New York City was under a hundred feet of ice about 22,000 years ago and it will continue to warm, until, well, until it doesnt. The earth has its own timetable, and I am not privy to it. Neither is anyone else.

The hostility to science is promoted by the extreme political predictors, like Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Al Gore, made outrageous claims in the name of science that do not come true. When non-science overstaters, like Gore, win Nobel Prizes it increases their personal and political prestige, but does nothing for science.

One of the problems, other than the verbal overreaching, is the dependence on predictive software which has proven unreliable over the past few decades, leading to more laughter at science than is justified.

But it is understandable.

Global Warming, like Obamacare, is dependent on its visible face computer software for its political support. In both cases, that reliance has been unjustified.

Global Warming exists,  — at least in the macro, although in the micro you might get an argument from across the nation — it is the cause that is debatable.

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