Lord Save Us From High-Speed(sic) Rail

The California High Speed(sic) Rail is surely on its last legal legs the Courts are ruling that it must meet the requirements of the state initiative that created it.

Nevertheless, the supporters claim that other advanced nations have made it work.

 Ahhh…don’t know if you have been there but what we call Counties in California they call nations in Europe, and China lusts for automobiles but are decades away from an economy to support cars and roads. Railroads work well in vertical populations, with collectivist populations. Individualism is so denied in Japan that they have a saying that, The protruding nail is hammed down.

I understand the Choo-Choo Lobby (they are usually the ones we see wearing Spandex on two-wheels, Vegans, and Collectivists by nature), and they are a strong lobby because spending money is a political pasttime but in this case — although the Eco-Freaks demand strong Environmental Impact Reports everywhere else, they want a Mulligan on their favorite projects.

No matter. This is, like Obamacare, a financially unsustainable project, unsupported by the people — but unlike Obamacare, California does not have the ability to print money.

Both will fail because they are unstable, both in design and finance. This California fiasco is just the first to fail.

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