Liberals Want. Why, EVERYTHING!

  • Back in the day” parents were accustomed to being “whipsawed” by their children, and liberals do that to us today.

    Our children would say, John doesn’t have to go to bed until 9 pm, and Stephen gets to eat M&Ms.” Son naturally our kids picked the most generous traits of their friends behavior.

    On the pages in LTE and blogs, we see a similar concept at work — Charlie tells us that Denmark has $16/hour minimum wage,  Robert tells us that in Germany, ” their wages are higher, their vacations longer, their national unemployment rate is lower than ours…” and I would suspect that someone is conjuring the information that Steve reliably reported that the European Union is considering a law that a CEO can only earn 12 times the average wage of a company.

    So what do liberals want? Why, all of that and more.

    If some African nation offered a ration of Khat, they would demand that also — but you note that in spite of international flights daily, Charlie, and Robert and Steve still live…here!

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