There is absolutely no silver lining in the Fort Worth sentence of a 16 year old to a rehabilitation facility with horseback riding, cooking classes and beach visits in Southern California.

The toll is terrific: One 16 year old driver, driving twice the speed limit with three times the alcohol limit killing four people. (Not to mention stealing several cases of beer from a convenience store.)

Here in San Diego a less affluent teen was sentenced to six years in prison for killing a single person.

If there ever was a case for “unequal treatment under the law” the Texas judge committed it.

I don’t know if the sentence can be repealed, or if the judge can reverse herself. One thing for certain, the family of the teen driver will suffer for their son’s stupidity. The dead, maimed and injured will take every cent that family has, and put them into debt for the remainder of their lives — but that transfers the pain from the culprit to his parents.

Certainly the parents failed the parenting task, and their financial suffering will be severe but that will not punish the son except for the fortune he might otherwise have inherited.

This is the worst case of judicial misconduct in ages, but it still has many competitors.

Texas got a black eye from this, and the judge should be removed immediately. The Governor has the power to remove a judge with the agreement of both houses of the legislature — which seems a dead certainty.

The judge, one Jean Boyd, has previously announced her intention to retire at the end of next year. She should not be given the opportunity.

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