Racing Improves the Breed

I have often remarked during many types of auto racing that the one driver I would never want in my mirror is Scott Pruitt, and the 52 year old Ganassi Racing driver just ended the 10 years of Grand Am racing with five overall season First Places, and five Second place finishes.

That is the sort of domination of the early NY Yankee.

The man is simply relentless, driving a Riley chassis with first a Lexus engine, and later a BMW, but in my early racing days we would talk about “His’n and You’rn” drivers, as in, “he can take his car and beat yours, or take your car and beat his” — only in deep Southern, “Good Old Boy” deep woods vernacular it was,”He can take His’n an beat You’rn, or take You’rn and beat His’n.”

Next year his car will sport a Ford engine. It makes no difference, he will win because he is simply good.

On a similar but really not auto-racing, per se, the new Audi R18 Le Mans racer has been revealed and to me the interesting is that it has a KERS system first in Formula One Cars, now in road racing and soon in your car.

KERS is a Kinetic Energy Recovery system the heat/friction energy you expend in braking you car will be converted to electricity and stored in small, powerful batteries attached to the wheel. That energy will be available as extra (free) horsepower the next time you accelerate.

Racing Improves the Breed.

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