Scammers Working The Elderly

I was phoned again by a known scam, and I failed to catch on for the first few minutes. Having heard of the scam on TV, It didn’t take long, but these scammers are good.

To be successful, they had to be good.

The call was from a young man of about my Grandsons age, emotional:

“Hi, Grandpa, this is your Grandson.”

Here, I made the mistake of asking if it was my grandson by name. Clue, don’t do that because then the scammer knows the name…

Anyway, my supposed Grandson told me this story of his friend who was visiting his family in Mexico, and the friend was killed by a drunk driver. The family had supposedly paid for my bogus Grandson to fly to Mexico and attend the funeral. By bogus grandson was to return this evening…

But, my bogus Grandson, says he was in a car the Mexican police pulled over and marijuana was found in the trunk…

At this point I was certain I was going to be hit for money…but my Granddaughter happened to be at the house, she sees my Grandson often, so I handed the phone to her with my hand over the phone, saying, “This is not (his actual name).”

It took my Granddaughter about a minute to say, in soto voce, “Not him.”

She then told the caller, “Well if you get in trouble, you are an adult and need to solve it yourself.”

The caller said a few profane words and hung Granddaughter called my Grandson — who was not in Mexico, had no friend named David, etc.

These guys are good. Had my Granddaughter not been there I would have dialed my Grandson on a separate phone, but I was pretty sure after the first two minutes — having heard this scam on TV.

Heads up. These guys are good. (Scammers are, or they would starve.)

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