I Have Little Sympathy For Low-Wage Earners

Minimum wage does punish low-skill workers, but you know what REALLY punishes low-skill workers?


With K-12 absolutely free, Community College within the reach of almost everyone, and California State Universities dirt-cheap through student loans and Pell Grants, it is hard to find much excuse for “low-skill.

Have you seen what auto-mechanics get today? Plumbers? Electricians? Not everyone is cut out for two, four or more years of hitting the books, but there are many skills available for those of non-scholastic bent.

Low-skill workers need to take some responsibility for BEING low-skilled. In LA there are entire areas where 50% don’t even finish HIGH SCHOOL! Whose fault is That?

There is a price to be paid for electing to be low-skill.

Duck Commander Has the Better Economic Argument

This Duck Dynasty kerfuffle interests me, but as an Atheist…it doesn’t interest me much. I neither take much stock in the Bible, and don’t watch A&E, either.

It’s hard to to tell people who have something invested in this kerfuffle that it just isn’t important. People get to decide what’s important to them, but a guy in Louisiana who makes duck whistles just isn’t really important to me. What did A&E expect from a Louisiana back-woodsman?

The backwoods are not the only place where you find those who believe in the literal translation of the Bible, but it is where you will find the greatest concentration of them. This comes as a surprise to A&E?  Those people need out more often.

Now it looks as if A&E made a really stupid financial decision. Sure A&E is bigger than the Robertson Clan, but the Robertsons are a LOT more mobile. They can make money for ANY network, and just because they are not going to make a dime from me is not the issue.

The Robertsons don’t have “free speech” rights. — the Constitution forbids Congress from denying speech, but no one has a right to free speech at any corporation, or in my living room. Robertson has the right to say anything he wants, but not without consequences. The homosexual lobby has hurt not you, but A&E — a network that has announced their support for the homosexual lobby in the strongest terms, and they must have known that the Robertsons could, and likely would find a more comfortable network.

Everyone gets to choose on which hill they will die. I have respect for a network like A&E making a principled stand, and for Robertson taking a principled stand.

But the Robertsons have the better economic argument.

The Robertsons certainly have the better financial argument. They are too big to fail.