Note to Machinist Union Members: Compete or Die (Metaphorically)

January 3 is the scheduled date for Local Machinists in Seattle to vote on the Boeing company final and last offer an offer they turned down but with Boeing shopping the business to a dozen other states, the national union has scheduled a new referendum.

Of course, liberals on Blogs are saying that the threat of moving the 777 line to another state is just Corporate Greed (as if the company is in business to provide local jobs) and if Boeing doesn’t make a profit, it closes and ALL employees lose their jobs. European Air Bus would love for Boeing to be non-competitive because of increased labor wages.

The national union has required a vote on the Boeing offer, a vote which the recalcitrant local union refused to permit its membership . The membership gets the opportunity to save their jobs — if they wish– or see those jobs go away. (The local union tried to block the vote.)

Competition exists in this world, between Boeing and Air Bus, and between the State of Washington and more than a dozen other states.

Compete or die!

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