Irony Begins New Year

We begin a new year with irony.

We have an explorer ship filled with environmentalists who traveled to the Antarctica to see the great lack of ice caused by “Global Warming” stuck in ice that has been measured at 50% higher than last year! The media features the need to “rescue” the Eco-Freaks, often without ever mentioning why they were there.

The cruise, a BBC/Guardian leftist cruise has brought some derision from the competitive newspaper, the Daily Mail, but otherwise it is the Blogasphere and locals like John Coleman, annoying Weatherman of KUSI, who report on the irony.

Meanwhile, much closer, in La Jolla, the swells who vote liberal and environmental, are suffering (as much as La Jollaians can suffer) from the Odour de Poop. (Bird, Seal, and Sea Lion)

The restaurants and hotels on the coast are begging for relief, but the constipated bureaucrats, bound up in national, state and local environmental rules can’t find a way to solve the problems. This has been a long-standing problem but sun and wind brings relief on occasion, and distress at other times. The New York Times ran a story on the subject more than 15 months ago for the nation to laugh.

“In theory, a solution could be simple. Sherri Lightner, the local City Council member, said there were biodegradable and nontoxic cleaning agents that could be safely used to clean the bluffs occasionally without any ill effects to the environment.

However, because the waters in the cove are part of a coastal area specially protected by the state, multiple state regulatory agencies would have to issue permits before the agents could be used, a process that regulators have indicated would probably take at least two years.”

Although Sherri is a Democrat, she worked in private industry as an Engineer, and served as president of La Jolla Town Council and La Jolla Shores Association, so she is practical and really understands the need for tourism in La Jolla.

In a letter to fellow Democrat, Governor Brown, Leightner wrote, “We need the state to solve this problem. This timeframe for state agencies to process these permits is simply unacceptable.”

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