Thug Training School

The Bowl Games were really exciting, but I have to admit my preference for the Navy — Middle Tennessee game, which was not an important game or at least nationally important, but it was certainly the most controversial.

The numbers say Navy won, 24-6, and actually that was less important to Bowl Game management than that Navy has sold out 10 consecutive Bowl games. They draw a crowd.

What was more important than that is the fact that Thogocracy¬† that rules the Pro ranks obviously begins in College, and Thugs obviously dominate Middle Tennessee. MTSU Athletic Director and Coach must have made a conscious decision that to move from Division 11 to Division 1 football, and to then get invited to a Bowl Game, meant recruiting some “Talent” that was unacceptable to most colleges.

In the Navy Game, MTSU committed FOUR Unsportsmanlike offenses, two by the same player, Linebacker Roderick Blunt — and those were not the plays on which the athletic Bloggesphere is ablaze. Blunt was ejected for OTHER unsportsmanlike conduct — he was dirty from the opening kickoff.

No, Blunt was NOT caught, except on videotape, trying to gouge the eyes of the Navy Quarterback in a pileup! While the Officials missed that, Navy knew and took their record-setting QB (31 rushing Touchdowns this year) out to install a visor on his helmet and try to stop Blunt’s thuggish behavior. Blunt was eventually ejected for two OTHER offenses, unrelated!

The camera eye sees things that the Officials don’t see, and many did see Blunt’s actions. Initially, the MTSU Coach defended his player, but on further reflection — after watching the tapes of the game — the Coach issued a profuse apology for his team and Blunt did also apologize.

Of course Blunt was playing his final game, so there can be no meaningful punishment. In fact, although Blunt was probably not on anyone’s NFL Draft, his Bowl performance might earn him a starter position on the Oakland Raiders!

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