Lots of Anger Among Boeing Workers

The Boeing saga continues, right now in the acrimonious blogs in the Everett and Seattle newspapers, between the “yes” and “no” votes — even condemnation of those who stayed home. Votes that are 51-49 tend to do that.

Basically, the Boeing offer gave a huge bonus to workers ($15,000), and wage increases, but changed the pensions from defined benefits to 401K plans.

The local union is demanding a recount, but the national union has refused — angering further the local union and those who wanted to reject the final Boeing offer.

You would think that the Boeing workers, who do not live in a high-cost area, are EXCEEDINGLY well-paid. In fact they are the vest-paid machinists in the world!

“In 2012, there were about 45,490 aerospace manufacturing jobs in Snohomish County, paying an average wage of $92,694, according to the state Employment Security Department.”


There was a LOT of denial among the union workers, denial that from a distance seems absolutely insane:

” However, many machinists do believe Boeing will build the 777x in Washington even if the vote is rejected.

Logically, I dont see it going anywhere else, said Denny Ramsey, a 777 mechanic and union steward, who has worked at Boeing for three years.

The customer wants a quality airplane built on time, and the only place that can happen is here, Ramsey, 35, said.”


Then there is this from the Machinist 751 Union Facebook page: Jim Davies What a stupid statement to put out. ANYONE who voted yes is a traitor, a coward, and a scab. They should be blackballed. In one sleazy, selfish, act they destroyed everything that was worth working at boeing for. They destroyed the retirement for thousands of people so they could get a few extra dollars in bonus or they idiotically listened to media and the boeing PR machine and got scared. The yes voters destroyed the working class by voting for this contract. AND now this f’ed up union wants us to forgive and forget? They are insane. Why aren’t they out today telling us how they plan on fighting this bullshit vote? If this union doesn’t fight, I’m donating my dues to charity. I will never, for the rest of my career help anyone who voted for this piece of crap contract.”


While most local politicians supported a “yes” vote, including the Governor, at least one Congressman most assuredly did not: Congressman Reykdal. He called the Boeing threat to move the production to another state, “extortion.”

To extract something from somebody by force or threat,’” Rep. Reykdal read from his dictionary.

(You know what the definition the good Congressman read from the dictionary fits?


On must wonder if the Good Congressman recognizes that he too practices and regularly votes for exactly that which he opposes!

One must also enjoy the political disruption currently underway. One of the things the new contract will do is to take the defined benefits pension system int6o a 401k — so the losing side wants to take away the defined pensions from the politicians, because most politicians supported a “yes” vote, and while “yes” won, the anger is on the “no” side, and anger drives votes.

Combined with general anti-government fervor, taking away the defined pensions for the politicians may carry the day.

That would be good news!

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