Minus 40 Degrees in Minneapolis is just FINE With Me!

While looking at the -40degree weather in Minneapolis just remember that is what drives San Diego real estate. As a San Diego Real Estate Broker – I revel in their discomfort.

“Schadenfreude” is the German word loaned to English that encompasses the delight one has from the suffering of others – and I do a bit of that every Winter. I have a beautiful Lexus convertible and almost every year on Christmas I take a photo of top-down, shirt-sleeve enjoyment to make my cold-weather friends jealous.

Of course, everyone lives EXACTLY where they want to live. We have thousands of flights daily in the US – you can be wherever you want in just hours. After leaving Texas when I was 17, joining the Navy and being assigned to San Diego Bootcamp. It was obvious where I wanted to be, and I have been here since graduating from Annapolis. Momma didn’t raise no fool!

The inexorable movement to San Diego has been going on for decades.

That has been the case since Harry Summers designed, and built Rancho Bernardo (RB) — a community at that time was outside of San Diego’s borders where Harry could build without much interference — and then he marketed almost exclusively in Minneapolis.

The lure of warmth appealed to those shoveling snow, and they came. Then their friends came, and the train has continued as RB residents continued to tell their friends still shoveling snow.

Not all settled in RB, but those with money came to Southern California or Hawaii, and those who could not afford those places went to Arizona or Florida.

Those who flee the snow drive our market, freeing up those who have lived here longer and built up equity to move up. Minneapolis is just the key catalyst for our growth, and while Minneapolis is just a metaphor for all of deep snow company, actually that community is the driving force.

Temperatures in the -40 range in the upper Mid-West is just fine for us in real estate. Here in San Diego County, our weather is variable right now — yesterday I had the top down, and will again tomorrow — but today it may not reach 70.

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