A Bridge to a Political Disaster?

The Chris Christie kerfuffle is all over the news, but I have the answer for everyone:


Now to be certain, there are other bastions of political corruption, California, New York, and Hawaii come immediately to mind as states and any number of major cities — Chicago, Philadelphia, the District, New Orleans (so far as I recall, all are under Democratic Party control), but this particular fiasco is pure political payback and Republicans need to own it.

I am not certain how the “I read about it in the news…” will fly.

Yes, it has worked well for President Obama several times (IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc.) but the president has two excuses that work a lot better than they could for Chris Christie — the low expectations that permits no one to blame a Black president, and the massive size of the federal government that makes the answer more like. All presidents DO live in t bubble.

On the other hand, Christie owned the problem and actually FIRED people, something that President Obama cannot bring himself to do.

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