Media Mash

The head of CNN (Jeff Zucker) blasted both Fox News and MSNBC for representing, respectively, the right and the left, while claiming the CNN represents “news.”

CNN does have a problem — Fox News has more viewers than both CNN and MSNBC COMBINED!

(One waggish Blogger said that more viewers are watching Sonograms at any given time, than watching CNN!)

I watch CNN and MSNBC, but only to see what subject matters they are covering. I watched Rachel Maddow, until Megyn Kelley got her program, and I still bounce over to MSNBC when there are commercials on FOX. (Last night that told me that MSNBC was “All Christie, all the time.” Boring…)

CNN has turned to Gross, I suspect to try to get the seven year old demographic,and Anderson Cooper — an otherwise decent TV personality — leads the way. Too bad! CNN could, and should  do better. If it wasn’t for their international audience, CNN would be extinct.

Meanwhile, a REAL Fight about TV will be settled by the U.S. Supreme Court — and SCOTUS will determine if Aereo can do what they already do in a dozen communities, and that is retransmit over-the-air TV signals.

Cable companies HATE Aereo!

Cable companies have had virtual monopolies for decades, and have milked the public mercilessly – and along comes a competitor who doesn’t have to rip up streets (very costly), or satellites, and replace them with a large number of small, cheap antenna on surrounding hills to simply retransmit regular over-the-air signals from the networks.

Of course one does not get to watch the Kardashians, or Duck Dynasty (like so many others, I have seen neither), so it is not full coverage but at an apparently much lower cost than cable.

Options are good.

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