Quick Hits


If it was April 1, I would question this report by CNet and Fast Company about an MIT professor who has invented a product called LiquiGlide.

It is claimed that the product will get every last drop out of a ketchup, mayo, soap or whatever bottle.

You see, just today I found two bottles upside down in my refrigerator  — something I attributed to my wife and I growing up in the Depression, but apparently this is a practice not limited to the elderly.

Anyway, now you know about LiquiGlide. Possibly.


As I have covered recently, there is a major problem between the Local Machinist Union 751 — which initially defeated the Boeing contract offer, and refused to permit a new vote, only to be overridden by the national union, and a new vote ensued.

The new vote narrowly approved the contract, and the local wanted a recount — which the national rejected.

Now, some 20 lawsuits have been filed, and a local union leader has filed to serve on the national Board, something the national considers unpatriotic to their leadership.

Stay tuned.


On the subject of unions, there is a huge fight going on in our neighbor to the north.

Some months ago, the LA Department of Water and Power (DWP) — the nations largest public utility — went to the LA City Council for their usual rubber stamp for a rate increase. The DWP and the City Council  are both dominated by labor union interests, but this time some of the poor were just being squeezed too much, the DWP benefits too high, and the Council revolted.

The DWP had crossed one bridge too far. (Overreaching is a political hazard.)

The DWP pays MUCH higher wages and salaries than does the city, and that also paid a role, in fact the difference is so great as to be outrageous, and the City Council was justifiably outraged.

Upon examination, it was discovered that  there was a “Foundation” within the halls that was jointly run by DWP and the union — and that “Foundation” spent $40 million over the past 10 years with zero reports and no audits.

The new Mayor has demanded answers, the head of the union has threatened a lawsuit for anyone who says anything, the fifth General Manager in the past seven years has just resigned.

The fuse is lit on a major problem.

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