Quick Hits

The Postal Service is about to have a conniption fit — there is a plan to let Staples Stores nationally, at least a lot of them, sell stamps, provide Express Packages, and provide other postal services. It is officially called the Retail Partner Expansion Program.

WOAI! Says the Postal Union! You should only do that with a Union Postal Employee behind the counter, not some non-union, lower-paid Staples employee! The US Postal Service has lost 44% of their workforce since the year 2000″)

The head of the US Postal Service says he is in no position to tell Staples who to employ and where to put them.


Interesting story in the Washington Post about a pair of Black attorneys who appear to the Black  community to be targeting Black politicians — and has so far had 16 convictions…all Black politicians.


(I am not featuring the Black situation, that is the emphasis of the article.)

One interesting quote from the two attorneys is, We prosecute conduct, not color.

The Black community is a bit nervous that only Black politicians in the District have been convicted, and the two Black Attorneys are under some social pressure because they too are members of the community and go to the same cocktail parties as other community leaders.

The District political leadership is almost exclusively Black — and it just happens that the District is notoriously corrupt. Finding corruption in The District is, and always has been, a target rich environment.

The two crusading attorneys, Ronald C. Machen Jr. and Vincent H. Cohen Jr., have job security attacking political corruption in the District.

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