Chris Christie? Why?


Chris Christie spokesman cleared that MSNBC has made an “assault” on Christie.
I don’t know about “assault” but I usually pop over to MSNBC during commercials to see if there is anything they might be addressing that is something not being covered on CNN or FOX. In the last week or so, my pop-overs were very brief — every time I tried it I ran up against a story or interview about Chris Christie.
I went back to the commercial on my initial station.
I have no idea how any network can cover a minimal story wall to wall for an entire week or more. Perhaps the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11 because the nation was attacked and 3,000 died, but just because people were delayed — many of them Journalists, I hear.
You gotta’ be kidding.
I have no interest in Chris Christie. He is not a candidate, much less the nominee of a major political party, but the mere fact that he might be a viable challenger for Hillary Clinton is enough to get MSNBC into DefCon 2. The object of MSNBC is to try to destroy a POTENTIAL Republican candidate, the only candidate CURRENTLY a challenger who can match Hillary Clinton.

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