NSA and Snowden


The Sunday News Shows were rife with the continuing discussion of the NSA and Benghazi.
Benghazi has almost been put to rest. The State Department screwed up, big time, and no one has been held responsible.
You will note that every time an Army or Navy officer gets caught with even such low an offense as adultery gets his photo and name in the news. Right here in San Diego, several Navy officers are  accused of fraud — just accused — they have their names and photos are covered in depth. When a ship is in a collision with another ship, or land, the Commanding Officer is instantly removed from Command PUBLICLY and his name published.  Contrast that with Benghazi, or Fast and Furious, or the IRS debacle. Can you name ONE person punished?
On NSA, I have always contended that EVERY politician who sits in the presidential chair when the first CIA officer makes his first morning briefing says the same thing: “Holy S**t.”
That is why Senator Obama opposed surveillance, and President Obama now embraces surveillance. He changed his mind, I am certain his change of mind immediately after that first CIA briefing.
I am a Libertarian, and libertarians generally oppose government intrusion or the potential of government intrusion in almost anything as something to be condemned. When I underwent my first Libertarian two-week college study — having gone to Colorado after being told that my natural and innate political leanings were something called “libertarianism” — I was accused by my Mentor of having. “Man the pass syndrome.” My Classmates agreed, so I asked if ANY of them had ever been in combat — “have any of you ever seen the Huns at the door?” The answer was, “No.”
I AM a Libertarian, but one who has seen the Huns, and who fears them more than I do the NSA.
I was interested that on the news program Travis Smiley said Edward Snowden will some day be on a stamp, while James Carville replied that Snowden’s picture would indeed be in the Post Office, but not on a stamp!
I believe Snowden should be given the Medal of Freedom for his revealing the extent of NSA’s domestic capability — then executed by firing squad as a traitor for giving our secrets to China and Russia.                                

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