Quick Hits

OXFAM, the liberal organization has managed to con the news media (easily done because it reinforces the liberal bias), to inform us that the 1% of the world owns 65 times the wealth of the bottom half of the world!

Know who constitutes the 1% of the world?


YOU, personally probably have more “wealth”  than thousands of people in Africa, and India…so before you tut-tut about the Uber-rich, send about 90% of your wealth to the less fortunate if you are concerned about the wealth and income distribution!

How can you enjoy two or three bathrooms, when half the world has none?

Liberals who are concerned that there is this huge economic disparity should do something about it. Lead by example!

I was watching Water’s World last night, and Waters was in the Sundance Film Festival, interviewing the elite of Hollywood. He asked one Worthy what they thought was the major problem, and that Worthy said, “Income Disparity.”

Whomever that was, I don’t remember but would not have known them anyway, is at the upper end of the income disparity!


Oh, I am in love with still another vehicle I can’t have – but it is a perfect runabout for San Diego weather.

It is probably a vehicle – I hate to call it a “car – that you have never heard of, but I once had a special license to drive one. It is the fabled Morgan Three Wheeler. In Britain, its home, it is he M3W.

You can see a great video on driving this miracle – reinvented for 2014, in the video at:

Morgan Three Wheeler: proper motoring


(Shared via the CNET Application)

I once had a license to drive and race one of these — the license was issued by the Royal Automobile Club, and the license was for a “Reversible Tri-Cycle!”

I would love a new edition, but at $45,000+….still, I can dream.

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