A Lesson About to Be Learned


Ezra Klein is leaving the Washington Post. I don’t care, and probably neither do you, but this is big news. It’s not quite Oprah starting her own network, or even Glen Beck trying the same new network route, but it has liberals all atwitter.
Ezra is the WunderKid of the Washington Post, and he runs their very popular Wonkblog. (He also has his own program on MSNBC, which no one but me watches.
Ezra went to the new owner of the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos founder of amazon.com , and wanted to start a separate political website under the Post banner. All he wanted was $10 million dollars a year far into the future — a sum that would require Bezos to fire several, perhaps five or so reporters from the newsroom.
Overreaching is not limited to politicians.
Bezos, rightly,  said “No,” and the jury is out as to whether Klein, who will fund his own adventure, will succeed. Two reporters left WaPo earlier and founded the wildly successful POLITICO.
I always love it when liberals become Capitalists and set out to compete in the marketplace. This from Mona Charente about the learning experience that George McGovern, the most liberal Democrat (before Obama) to run for president:
In 1993, former senator George McGovern, once considered the most liberal of Democratic candidates for president, wrote a piece about his experience attempting to run a small bed-and-breakfast in Connecticut. The red tape required by government severely hampered his capacity to earn a profit. He wished in retrospect that  I had known more firsthand about the concerns and problems of American businesspeople while I was a U.S. senator and later a presidential nominee. That knowledge would have made me a better legislator and a more worthy aspirant to the White House.

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