Yes, More Racing News…But Short


Well, football is mercifully almost over, but we begin racing of the motor kind with a 24 Hour race at Daytona. I love endurance racing because it tests the cars and driver to their absolute limit and with three or four classes, all with different speed, cornering and acceleration capabilities, it requires looking to the front and back simultaneously.
Just to entice those who ask, why(?), I say that these racing events test the technology of the future — and not just performance, but fuel economy. You cant win long races if you use fuel at a rate that you must stop to re-fuel. In racing, the rule is, “You cant win a race in the pits!”
The problem with IMSA motor racing is that it is being covered by Fox2 Sports which is not yet a strongly placed Chanel. Here in San Diego on Cox it is Channel 315.
Wonderful. Most people don t get that channel, and, if they do, they can t find it.
Anyway, I will be transfixed by cars I was never good enough to drive.
As much as it pains me I never could have made these teams.    

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