Sorry, Teachers Are NOT Unique

One of the problems with teacher unions is that teachers believe that they are unique…they may even believe that the laws of gravity apply to them!

Teachers are not unique, even though they believe they are.

Teachers should be forced to give up tenure (that may take a one year national strike), or perhaps they can be lured to do so…although an attempt by a reformer (Machael Rhee)  to get District of Columbia teachers to give up tenure for a huge increase in salary, failed.

This, I think is the best offer to put on the table, along with a starting salary of $100,000:

End tenure

End Unionization

Impose STRICT testing for incoming teachers

Rank ALL teachers on a ladder, so there must be only one teacher per rung. and then…

End “The Dance of the Lemons” by cutting the bottom 5%

Permit Merit Pay

This policy will, in addition to the obvious work rule reform, start to entice those much higher SAT and IQ students currently going into Law, Medicine, Engineering and Computer Science to consider the teaching profession.

I know the argument that without tenure, school districts will lay off the better paid, usually higher performing teachers to bring in new, and lower performing talent.


School districts are no more prone to firing all experienced and highly-paid teachers than Apple would fire all of their experienced and highly paid Engineers in favor of newly graduated and lower paid Engineers, or Sears would replace their older and highly paid Managers with recent college graduates at 20% of the cost.

(Ask Jay Leno!)

I know that teachers believe that they and they alone can do their job, but education, as opposed to schooling — they are sometimes the same, sometimes not — has always been cheap, from libraries, to encyclopedia, to the Internet, to….

Teachers are important, but they are as susceptible to automation replacement as anyone. Students with self-discipline can and will get an education, but good teachers are only partly intellectual mechanics, they are also coaches who inspire, disciplinarians who control the animal instincts we all have.

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