Tenure Challenged in California Supreme Court


There is good news on teacher tenure, the bane of every rational person.

Students Matter, a student oriented organization out of Silicon Valley has sued, saying that tenure provides an unequal education, because teachers with greater tenure select the top performing schools, leaving the untried, junior teachers to the inner city schools with more discipline problems.

Vagara v California contends that the tenure situation does not provide constitutionally protected “equal protection under the law.”

 Students Matter hired uber-attorney Theodore Olson, former US Solicitor General.

In California, only two teachers a year are fired for incompetence – Los Angeles Unified Superintendent John Deasy, who was scheduled to testify today, submitted a deposition early saying that it costs about $350,000 to fire a teacher and can cost up to a million dollars.

The lawsuit was financed by a research scientist in Silicon Valley.

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