End of the Line

The California State Supreme Court just slapped Governor Jerry Brown.

The story: the taxpayers passed a state initiative approving a High Speed Rail that in theory would go from LA to San Francisco in just two hours and 40 minutes. And it was supposed get a mere $3.3 billion from the Obama administration to kick it off, after which California was to sell bonds, and get investment money.

Well, a Superior Court Judge said that before bonds could be sold, the state had to show how it was going to get investment money, and the state could not do that — so the judge temporarily halted the sale of bonds.

This did not make the Governor happy, so he did something unusual, almost unprecedented — he asked the State Supreme Court to take up the case, by-passing the Appeals Court. (The Governor said appeals would take too long.)

The Supremes said, go back and go through the appeals process, just like everyone else.Yes, years of delay probably spelling the end of the line.

This high-speed rail is the biggest fiasco since the Boston Big Dig.

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