Neil Morgan Was An Institution


Neil Morgan died, and it is not too much to say he was indeed, Mr. San Diego. Beginning right after WWII, he began as Editor of a San Diego newspaper, moved to the San Diego Tribune, and in total, was the newspaper leader of the city, both as Editor and columnist for more than sixty years.            
He also found time to write an even dozen books, and in retirement, he was the founding Editor of the award-winning on-line newspaper, voice of San
I never met him, but he knew my work. As he was founding the voiceofsandiego, he read a piece I wrote about politicians in the San Diego Business Journal, took the piece into the room of Gail Stoorza who was volunteering as the publicist, threw it on her desk and said, “This guy can F…..g write!”
She called me laughing.
Gail, who once owned the largest public relations firm in California, is a long-time friend, but of course Neil did not know that.
 (I have known her so long that I once smuggled her into a bar because she was under-age! She lived with my wife and I early in her adult life.)
Gail invited me to an Editorial Meeting at the Voice just so I could meet the fabled Neil Morgan, but something happened and Neil could not be at the meeting. Too bad because he was one of my writing idols, and the Neil Morgan column was a required read in my life because I have lived in San Diego County…well, nearly forever. (My name has been in the San Diego telephone directory, continuously, since 1957.)
Neil was 89. He was one of a kind.

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