A $200 Million Homeless Shelter


Let me admit that I have railed against public libraries in affluent communities, and about 20 years ago I opposed a new library in Rancho Bernardo, one of San Diego’s Golden Ghettos.
I was immediately verbally attacked back in the day by the local Friends of the Library, when all I said 20 years ago in a column that re-run in the San Diego Union, was that in view of technology, libraries would have to change.
As I have subsequently remarked that if you are ever lonely, just write a column suggesting that libraries are not pluperfect, and your phone will ring off thee hook and your mailbox will be full!
As a result of my column, I was asked to speak to a class of Librarians meeting, appropriately, at a library!
I was gobsmacked when San Diego proposed, and then built a new, $200 million downtown library. The old downtown library held many of the downtown homeless, and, according to a Channel 10 documentary just released, the homeless — and sex perverts — have found the new library as well.
Duh! I don’t understand — my Great Grandson’s new High School doesn’t have a library — at least not one with those quaint things called “books.’
Now, the City Hall is a public building and it has dark corners and public restrooms in which the homeless can groom — but they don’t.
And the same SHOULD hold for the downtown library.

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