Jobs? Ain’t No Mo’ Jobs!


The Army now has driverless trucks, and soon will be fielding crew less tanks, to add to pilotless planes, helicopters and drones.
It’s hard to do an easy segue to Obamacare, but let’s try to connect the dots.
The Congressional Budget Off e announced that Obamacare will cost more than 2,000,000 full-time jobs because of employers reducing employees work schedule under the limit required to provide healthcare, and also employees reducing their own hours to get increased subsidies.
While that decreases the number working it comes at a time when technology is replacing more than pilots, and drivers in combat — it replaces almost everyone. ATM machines replacing bank tellers, and kiosks replacing check-ins at airports and medical centers…it’s all part of the whole.
The US has the lowest participation rate in history, and while it is great Republican sport to blame the president’s job plans — which have been disastrous and have not helped — there is a historical employment shift in progress.
It takes a huge toll in the ranks of 55 year old employes who have a single skill that can be replaced with technology. The 55 year old is too old to be retrained (or many believe they are), and there are many government programs and extended unemployment programs that provide disincentives to retrain.
So culture, government programs, and technology combine to feed and sustain a future where we will have to find a way to seek “Justice” in a society where many do not work at all.


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