Your Local Neighborhood Drone

There is a big to-do about using drones to perform things like taking photos of home using drones.

Big Deal! I first used a drone more than 12 years ago, by contracting with a man who had a fixed wing plane with a camera and a Mac laptop, he actually assembled the wings in the driveway from the back of his sedan. It was just a radio-controlled plane as used by hobbies to, but that is what drones are.

Then about six years ago II employed another “hobby enthusiast” who owned a radio-controlled helicopter with a camera.

Both did great work, taking first-class photos and both at a reasonable rate. It is only now, when “drones” are proliferating, that suddenly the FAA gets involved, and suddenly Legislators want to pass laws that a Hobby Enthusiast can’t “charge” for flying a radio-controlled plane or helo that he can fly for free!

Hovering a “drone” 100 feet over someone’s home, either using a gas-powered or battery-powered device is neither dangerous or worthy of legislation.

Now, if a drone is used to transport books over territory at some height used by aircraft, then let’s talk legislation.

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