Scammers Never Sleep

Once again I had a call, actually two calls hours apart on two separate phone lines, from scammers with Pakistani/Indian accents who insisted they were from the “Windows Technical Team” and that my computer was showing errors on the Windows servers.

It is called “RansomWare” — as in they want me to download a program from their website which will fix my virus infected “errors” for free.
Of course their software IS the the virus, which will shut down your computer and the next day they will call back and offer to decrypt your computer for a fee. To make certain the fee you send them is not traceable, they tell you exactly how to do that.
The good news is that, at least so far, the code they send you to decrypt your computer actually works. The bad news is that answering their phone call and doing what they say, will cost you up to $300.
I asked the caller, where he was calling from, and he answered “Los Angeles” — so I asked who the new Mayor of Los Angeles is, and when he said he didn’t know, I asked who the Governor of California, and what freeway one takes from LA to San Diego — he hung up. 
The caller ID said the call was from 661-771-6568, which actually is Tehachapi, California, but using technology, anyone can be seen to be calling from any number, anywhere.
There are several exposes of this scam, including one from me on the internet under this phone number, but you know that people fall for these scams every day.

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