Union Smackdown

In a massive smack down, the United Auto Workers lost a three-day vote on un ionizing the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga. President Obama weighed in urging a “yes” vote.

Now if one only looks at the numbers, 712 voted “no” to 626 “yes” one might think the vote was close — it wasn’t. Volkswagen of Germany is highly unionized, and Volkswagen did not oppose the UAW getting a “yes” vote. VW in Germany actually has union members on its Board.

So, it is highly unlikely that other automobile plants in the Right to Work states of the South will soon unionize. This was the UAWs best shot.

Unions in private industry have taken a beating recently, which is sort of surprising with so much Democrat power in politics. The recent Boeing vote was certainly instructive.  Boeing threatened to move a plant out of the State of Washington unless the union re-voted, and passed a contract that the union had previously rejected. Faced with economic disaster, the union did re-vote and passed the contract.

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