The Robots Are Coming, The Robots Are Coming!


I have remarked often about the clash between rising pay rates for work and the inclination of managers to counter those rising wages with technology.
It is a continuous battle, and technology improves daily to overtake the need for people — except to build the technology, which requires greater education.
The latest technological advance is really interesting to me because I sell houses, but I don’t work hard at it because I am old.
Still, because I spent decades in computers, including 14 years as a professor of computer science at a local university, I retain my interest in technology. I am a Geek.
So the latest revelation from Harvard really impressed me. Basically they have invented a scalable set of construction robots which can build a wall, or a building using blocks. The important part it that Harvard Robots use the “termite” methodology of construction.
Termites have no idea what any other termites are doing — they only know what has to be done and if there is a block or brick needed in a staircase, they put their block or brick where needed. If a termite dies, it makes no difference because the next termite never knew what the dying termite was going to do anyway.
The Harvard Robots are just the size of toy cars but they are scalable both up and down, so it can be used to build a house, or a fort under enemy fire, or a Space Station.
Or, in easier “GeekSpeak” using “TinyURL” you can just press on:

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