Modern (and Ancient) Marriage

On-line dating is now responsible for more than 30% of all marriages.
Well, why not? Arranged marriages probably work as well as our dating system which suffers a 50% failure rate, so why not the internet?
I suspect that marriages selected by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon work as well as any, often between man and woman who had never met.
You recall (I hope) that the Yale graduate Seminarians brought both Christianity and literacy to Hawaii. What you may not know is that the officiating church members required that the Missionaries be married, and almost all of those leaving on a long, dangerous and very uncomfortable sailing trip to Hawaii had only been introduced to each other in the days or weeks before sailing. Young women were brought by wagon and carriages from surrounding farms, and it was considered a high privilege to marry a preacher going out to bring the Word of God to the Hawaiian heathens.
Just married — often on the dock — they braved months of harsh living aboard barely seaworthy ships and “enjoyed” their Honeymoons separated from others by only a sheet to provide a privacy partition, and then eventually landed in a hot climate with only woolen clothing on their backs and only thatch huts to live in.
The joke in Hawaii is that when the Missionaries arrived, the Hawaiians had the land and the Missionaries had the Bible, but in the end the Hawaiians had the Bible and the Missionaries had the land.
This is simply not true! Even as a non-believer, but one who has written on the history, culture and politics of Hawaii, the Missionaries did nothing but good. It is true that the Missionaries brought American-style laws, and the Missionary children took advantage of their knowledge of those laws, but the Missionaries themselves were pious advocates for their religion, brought literacy to an aboriginal people and lived in poverty.
There is little knowledge of the actual marriage relationships — they had too much to do to worry about anything except doing their job — but it is doubtful they were any worse married partners than those of modern society.

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