One of my time-passing endeavors is to read – magazines, books, books on Kindle app on iPad, and Audio Books. I love having so many different media from which to learn.

My current reading (actually, listening) is “Before 1776, Life in the American Colonies,” and it reinforces my contention that modern Americans are Sheeple, Wusses, or whatever term you might chose.

In the 1760s, England tried to establish a Sugar Tax – actually they had one before but had not enforces a tax on a major commodity, and sugar and molasses were huge commodities.

The Crown sent a Tax Man to Newport to collect taxes on sugar (a tax that proceeded a Stamp Tax, and a Tea Tax), and first the merchants tried to bribe the Tax Man to look the other way.

Unfortunately, the Tax Man was honest. However, where there is a will there is a way…

Now Newport was a small town in the mid-1760s and most people were related to one another – so when a ship came in and declared no molasses (although the cargo was obvious), and the TaxMan had the Ship Captain arrested by the local Sheriff. When the arraignment came, the Judge did not appear, and when he was found and returned to the Court, the Sheriff was nowhere to be found.

When a ship came into Newport, and fearing the Tax Man continued up the river to a smaller port, the Tax Man followed. He boarded the ship and, as usual, the Captain said there was no sugar aboard although, once again, it was visible. The Tax Man went to the dock and found a group of obvious Sailors, whom he importuned to board the ship and sail it back to Newport – but the Sailors contended that they were Farmers and sailing a ship to Newport would surely destroy the ship.

So the Tax Man returned to Newport, found Sailors who did not know what they would be asked to do and returned to the ship – whose cargo had been removed to storage in a warehouse. The Tax Man boarded the ship only to find it settling into the mud, because the “Farmers” had bored holes in the hull after removing the sugar.

I see modern Americans sitting in long highway traffic jams, suffering pot hole damaged tires and wheels, and meekly honoring retired CongressCritters at cocktail parties when they should be ashamed to show their faces. I suspect that I future days even disgraced former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will be addressed as “Mayor Filner.”

A Boston once so revolutionary that they would throw tea in their harbor, subsequently would see their progeny re-elect a Mayor (Mayor James Michael Curley, four-time Mayor of Boston) who was languishing in jail while re-elected!

Surely any self-respecting American would never claim to be friendly with a politician or a tax collector!

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