Uprisings, Everywhere


The semi-successful Ukrainian revolt is just weeks or months ahead of a similar revolt in Venezuela. Both the revolts were US fingerprints on them, but in both cases we are geographically remote.
In the case of the Ukraine, it is really a European Union responsibility, and strangely, several European nations have taken the lead, including France –  which is also trying to bring Obama along on Syrian intervention.
It is some sort of question as to who the most powerful world leader might be, but it certainly isn’t Obama.
We don’t have friendly nations in South America, who can act in our common interest, but Maduro of Venezuela has managed toed story the economy so badly that US interference is not needed.
Last week, the climate changed in Maduro’s regime. It started with Maduro ordered several US officials from his nation, and ended with Maduro suggesting that the US and Venezuela exchange Ambassadors, and between there were deadly riots with the opposition just like it happened in the Ukraine.
The Venezuela riots continue, and we have no nearby French President equivalent to call upon.  

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