Putin Holds The Cards


The Ukrainian Revolution is not secure.
I well remember the Czechoslovakian Revolution of 1968 — it was put down by Russian tanks. The West did nothing.
Vlad Putin is the former head of the KGB. He knows well the President Obama is a weak and flaccid president, who will not oppose the intervention of Russia tanks, particularly if they enter the portion of the Ukraine that is reflective of the old Soviet power.
Putin has been freed from the Olympics, and can turn his fishy-eyes to the Ukraine. He has many tools short of military power — oil, gas, economics — but his trump card is tanks, he has them and he knows how to use them.
Unlike the Czech Revolution, our satellites watch those tanks before they move a mile, and social media can organize the Ukrainian opposition.
The US has stood by while more than 100,000 Syrians have died, and while the US and the UN required a destruction of poison gas — and that has simply not happened. 
Putin is on the upswing, Obama is on the downhill slope.
I would be very surprised if Putin did not take advantage of the situation.
We simply lack gravitas because we have a weak leader. Putin has no opposition to do whatever he chooses.

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