And The Beat Goes On

The United States has been taking a back seat in dealing with the Ukraine, leaving the heavy lifting to the Europeans — the feckless and the more feckless!

Putin knows that the Europeans are spineless, and even Obama’s spine, which is no better, is dealing with a war-weary nation, a Democratic Senate, and a downgraded military. Further, Putin has a short supply line, and everyone else a long one.

If he wanted, he could be on the Coast of France in five days, his tanks stopping only for refueling. We can, and would do nothing more than cancel a G-8 meeting and send a strong protest to the Security Council.

Now, fully mobilized, Putin’s Army is no match for NATO, or the US, but we are not fully mobilized. The Washington Post analysis is the the Russians Black Sea Navy could easily be defeated by the Italian Navy.

But Nukes add a more deadly “x” to the equation.

A former Head of the Russian KGB on one side and a Community Organizer on the other. Guess who wins

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