Hello, Snowden?

It really pleased me to read that Stephen Colbert shocked the RSA conference of hackers (that was once a good term), by saying that Snowden should return to the US and stand trial. (RSA is a cyber and crypto conference, and it was held in San Francisco.)

To the amazement of the audience, in answer to a question about Snowden he opined that it was great that Snowden told us that we might be spied upon, but Snowden went too far when he then told the world that they were being spied upon, and how.

Colbert said the Patriot Act that authorized all of this was passed by the duly elected representatives of the people, and the people then voted again those same representatives into office to re-authorize the Patriot Act.

Stephen Colbert was the closing Keynote Speaker at the conference, and said he hoped we were spying on other countries.

I just wonder how Snowden feels as Putin flexes his military might in the Ukraine. Does Snowden, living in Moscow, feel any responsibility for having given China and Russia the keys to our surveillance?

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