Gas Pains

The LA Times reports on European reticence: “Their push to impose penalties right away was countered by caution from Germany, the EU’s biggest economy, which has deep trading ties with Moscow and depends on major imports of Russian oil and gas. Critics have accused Berlin and others hesitant to enact sanctions of putting profits before principle.”

Ahhh…yeah. I hope no one is surprised.

There are things the US could, and should do unilaterally, not just for this crises but to forestall future moves by Russia to regain still more of its lost empire: Install the Czech, Poland missile shield; approve the Keystone pipeline and a massive fracking to drive the price of oil under $90 a bbl to starve the Russian economy: arrange for natural gas exports of natural gas to Europe to loosen the Russian grip on Europe; cancel the reduction of the US Armed forces (current spending is 4%, while Europe is 2% — under JFK it was 9%+).
Europe has become so dependent upon Russia oligarch money, and Russian oil and gas that it cannot easily do what it must do.

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