I Just Don’t Care Much, Anymore

Let me admit that I am torn between supporting the US ending its role as World Policeman, and trying to right the wrongs of the world. I hate to see suffering, but…

Our assuming the role as the World Policeman permitted the European nations to relax and not pull their share – “Let Uncle Sam do it!”

In the days of JFK, the budget for Defense was 9.2% of the Federal Budget. Today it is a paltry 4% and in Europe, those feckless nations only spend 2% of their collective budgets. Even more importantly, President Obama intends to reduce our Defense budget still further.

Obviously, Europe is not pulling their weight. Ideally, Syria is primarily Europe’s problem, as certainly, so is the Ukraine. Admittedly, Europe is both scared of their own shadow – the US has twice had to save their collective bacon – and highly dependent upon Russia’s natural gas lest Europe freeze in the cold, but both situations are self-inflicted. There is a limit to how many times you can pull someone out of a ditch, if they continue to drink.

The US has become a major player in NATO simply out of self interest. It causes many more casualties to retake geography than it does to defend that geography and the US has twice had to expend many American lives to retake European geography.

And that is the rub. There is no way to get Europe to defend itself without our continuing help, they have proven time and time again that they will not do it. Unfortunately, for historical and ethnic tribal reasons, this nation has always been Eurocentric. The fact that we were settled by Europeans, and Washington is East Coast and not just tribally but geographically closer to Europe skews our geopolitical thinking.

If there is anything that President Obama has done right, and that list certainly does not exceed single digits, it was his INTEREST in moving the US Navy to be more of a Pacific fleet. That idea has been shelved temporarily because of the Ukrainian kerfuffle.

Crimea is lost as former Secretary of Defense Gates has said. There is nothing that we can rationally do to unscramble that egg. If Putin had believed that we would do something drastic, he would not have made his move. He judged, correctly, that Obama lacked the will, and he never even took Europe into his consideration. The will of the US depends upon who is leading our nation, but the will of Europe is uniformly flaccid.

It’s a mess in Europe, as usual. I am beginning to have little interest in their continuing woes.

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