Our “Neighbors” to the South

There is a review of the use of Deadly Force in the Border Patrol, the result of a Border Patrol Agent mortally wounding a rock thrower from across the border. (We are not talking about pebbles here, but rocks the size of a man s head!)
Local immigration activists, and they are numerous in this border area, are demanding that rock throwing be considered a form of Free Speech.
Let’s see…if a San Diego Sheriff is attacked with a deadly weapon by an US Citizen, he is permitted to use deadly force to end deadly source, but if a US Border Patrol Agent is so faced by a resident of Mexico, he is to retreat to safety.
Got it!
This is all part of a whole, which cumulatively adds to the disrespect our nation gets internationally, and ends with Putin putting his thumb in our eye even though he has probably never heard of the caution sent to the Border Patrol regulations.

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