Putin Is Not Impressed With Obama or Foppish Kerry


The real problem is that Putin has no confidence that Obama will take any of the proposals on the table. Putin has taken measure of Obama and found him weak.

I HOPE we will find out that Putin made a mistake about Obama. IF Obama announces approval of the Keystone pipeline, and that the Ruble will not be acceptable at US banks, and the acceleration of natural gas exports, then we will know that the administration has teeth in its (at least to now) Care Bear diplomacy.

I do wonder if Putin has not been less impressed with the foppish Kerry than he was with the more stiff-spined Hillary, who has been schooled in the Machiavellian Clinton machine. Her threats, I believe, carried more force — Putin understands serious political in-fighting, and Hillary brought that.

In spades.

Kerry has only been successful at serial marrying money. That does not impress Putin.

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