The most devastating Work Rule school districts have is a “Post and Bid” system, and that the system provides the opportunity for those with seniority to select the plum schools, leaving newer, less experienced teachers to the less desirable schools..
(I have flown 27 times to Hawaii, and airlines use the same system. You find a lot of 60 year old “Flight Attendants,” while the American Eagle flights to Tucson get the younger, more lithesome attendants. Note: At my age, the older Flight Attendants are just fine!)
Certainly, some senior teachers dedicate themselves to the under-served out of dedication, but as the old saw goes, “The race does not always go to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to put your money.”
I put my money on experienced teachers acting in their own self-interest and selecting the more exclusive communities.
Some believe that we should not end Post and Bid (easy) but rather change the environment (Uber-hard), reminds me of the apocryphal story of FDR calling together the professors of MIT in WWII to devise a solution to the U-Boats devastating the Allied Shipping.
Their solution: “modify the environment — raise the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean to 212 degrees F and force the U-Boats to the surface.”
FDR asked incredulously, “how do we do this?”
The answer – “You asked how to surface the U-Boats. We gave you an answer. The details are up to you!”
No, the Education(sic)  system should end Post and Bid. 

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