Chess Game


The so-called “sanctions” by both the US and Russia against each other is a farce.
First the sanctions against certain Russian politicians and oligarchs was proposed so soon before executed that everyone had plenty of time to sell off any assets, or remove all funds from banks. Russian oligarchs are crazy, but they are not stupid — they know how to move assets around at the click of a mouse.
The sanctions against the US politicians is even less than useless — no politicians do not invest widely in Russia, nor do they keep accounts there.
It is all for show, and it is a bad show.
The good news is that serious sanctions are available only next October when Russia COULD cut the natural gas that fuels Europe — and it would be difficult for Qatar and the Netherlands can pick up some of the slack, but ONLY the US could replace a serious amount of the natural gas. That could only happen if the US starts NOW! (Of course those preparations could be, and should be underway right now, without announcement.)
Here is an interesting fact: All of the fuel for the Crimea comes from the Ukraine — but with Russian forces massed on their borders the Ukraine is in no position to cut off the fuel to the Crimea if Russia cuts off fuel to the EU.
This is an interesting chess game, and so far we are losing.

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