One of the most dangerous acts a Sailor can be called upon to perform, and one every Sailor is trained for, is firefighting, because in the middle of an ocean you MUST save the ship.
I have noticed that on the news, almost zero structures are saved…the effort appears to be to save nearby buildings. That is NOT the case on a ship.
The Navy is working with a robot, the prototype cost about a million dollars but will be far less in production. Firefighting is a team effort, and a team of robots are still a few years away, but the first prototype will be doing its first land-based trials in August.
I remember going through Firefighting School as part of Company 640 at Boot Camp in San Diego, and it was exciting for a 17 year-old kid, but fires on ships are deadly serious. On Submarines, doubly so — water of any kind is unwelcome. Compartments on all ships are tiny, filled with flammable fluids and gases, with narrow ladders, hatches that must be un-dogged and opened.
Robots will be welcomed.

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