Things That Just WORK!


Today (Friday) is J. S. Bach’s birthday — in 1685.
One wonders which of the current crop of musicians will still be popular in 300+ year?
One of my great joys is listening to Bach in my IS350c, which is a quiet compartment with a spectacular Mark Levinson stereo. I once remarked about the efficacy of putting a $3,000 stereo system in a convertible, but this system is light years above the same system in my previous hardtop convertible, a Lexus SC430.
Lexus and Mark Levinson finally got it right. Even with the top down.
Bach would have cheered. (Quietly.)
While I am giving out kudos, I might mention my favorite new program, at least new compared to Word and Excel, and it is Evernote. I am certain that Microsoft’s competitive One Note is an excellent product as well, but the advent of the Fujitsu Evernote Scanner gives Evernote the edge, in my opinion.
Evernote is a free form database that stores text, photos, audio, video, e-mails…you name it. Then Evernote automatically makes it all available instantly on your smartphone and tablet, in my case iPhone 5s and iPad Air.
I just installed the Evernote scanner, which is quickly diminishing my stacks of paper. I am a “pile maker..” (It is just one of my bad habits, but my wife forgives it, reluctantly, because I never smoked or drank — unless you consider a glass of wine twice a week as “drinking.”)
She has always looked on my piles of paper — I am still in Residential Real Estate at the age of 80 — as something she must put up with so long as she doesn’t have to look at it.   She seldom comes in my home office, lest she be swallowed. (It’s not actually that bad because it is stuffed into an “In” and an “Out” basket, neither of which represents either In or Out.)
Those baskets are disappearing at a rapid rate. If you are in business, or even run a community organization, this Evernote combination is a must.
Many years ago we in the computer community yucked it up saying, “We may have a paperless toilet before we have a paperless office.”
The paperless office is closer. Much closer.
It isn’t cheap, but it is GOOD!

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